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New map for proposed fall nitrogen restrictions released today.

[MAP] Click MAP to see the depicted vulnerable areas (shown in purple and green) where nitrogen fertilizer application would be limited during the fall to protect groundwater from contamination. [Link] [AUDIO] Click AUDIO to listen to Governor Mark Dayton and Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson discuss a proposed new groundwater protection measure. [Link] Governor Dayton Proposes Groundwater Protection…

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Fall N availability: Do these scenarios apply to you?

This week we’ve been exploring how the nitrogen cycle and rainfall timing affect fall N availability. Keeping this in mind, consider these real-world scenarios on the likelihood of nitrogen loss from fall-applied fertilizer. Scenario 1  Anhydrous ammonia is fall-applied in early October when soils are at 60℉. Soil temperatures don’t drop below 50℉ for another 3 weeks,…

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How the nitrogen cycle affects fall N availability

Many farmers are wondering the same thing this time of year: How much of my fall-applied nitrogen is still available in the soil? To answer that question, we need to consider the nitrogen cycle. Here’s a quick refresher. Three dominant forms of nitrogen exist in the soil: ammonium (NH4+), nitrate (NO3-), and nitrogen (N). Plants…

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