1 July/August/September – Committee meets to determine research priorities.
2 August/September – Letters to researchers are sent out (research proposals forms are posted on the web).
3 November – Research project proposals are due in MWC office.
4 November – Research Committee meets to review project pre-proposals.  Individual research presentations are made by the researchers who submitted a pre-proposal.
5 December – Research Committee meets to finalize recommendations on research proposals. Recommendations are made to the MWC for funding considerations.
6 December – Researchers are notified of their research projects.
7 January – Research projects being (Jan-Dec).
8 July – First half research payment made by MWC.
9 November – Researcher supplies written project report to MWC, forms are posted on the website.
10 December – Researcher provides oral update at annual Research Reporting Session and Committee meets.
11 December/January – Second half research payment made by MWC.