March 2017 | Issue 154


     Taming the Bulls and Bears
     US and Canadian Wheat Growers Support Cross-Border Trade and Open Wheat Market
6      Soybean Cyst Nematode: A Persistent Pest
8      Nitrogen: Back to Basics
10    What’s on Tap for Biodiesel in 2017?
10    Staying on Target
12    Tile Drainage
14    Managing Herbicide Drift and Volatility
15    Tools for the Future
16    Nitrogen Use in Soybean
18    Soil Compaction a Pressing Issue
19    Using Fusarium Infected Seed
20    Trouble from Head to Toe
22    The Value of Cover Crops
23    Cover Crops: Benefits and Challenges
24    Spring Wheat Response to Disease Control & Subsurface Drainage Management in the RRV
26    Impressive 2016 Yields Lead to 2017 APH Increases
28    Eyes Open for Sawfly
30    Farm Saved vs Certified Seed