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4 Taming the Bulls and Bears

5 Tiling Data Relative to Nutrient Loss

6 Earl Mallinger: Producer, MAWG Member

8 September Marketing Seminar

10 Managing Wheat for High Grain Quality

13 Phosphorus Loss a More Complex Issue Than Portrayed

14 2017 Minnesota Wheat Varieties

16 Sulfur for High Yield and Quality

18 Ag Peer Group: Investing in People

20 2017 Minnesota Legislative Recap

22 Precision Farming: A Focus on Combine Grains Quality Assessment

24 Nitrogen Fertilizer Rule & Buffer Laws Raise Eyebrows

26 2017 North Dakota Wheat Varieties

28 3 Big Takeaways from the FarmLogs 2017 State of Ag Report

30 Minnesota State Commissioners Announce B20 Endorsement

Building Opportunities By Association

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