2017 Funded Research

University of Minnesota Wheat Breeding Program
~ Dr. James A Anderson, University of Minnesota
Exploring New Methods and Technologies for Wheat End-Use Quality Testing and Benchmarking for the University of Minnesota Breeding Program
~ Dr. George Amponsah Annor, University of Minnesota
Collaborative Research in Minnesota on Wheat Diseases: Bacterial Leaf Streak, Root and Crown Rots, and Viral Diseases of Wheat
~ Dr. Ruth Dill-Macky, University of Minnesota
Breeding Wheat for Intensive Management in Western Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota
~ Dr. Andrew Green, North Dakota State University
Developing an Environment Specific Decision Support Tool to Help Growers Determine and Optimum Seeding Rate for New Wheat Varieties
~ Dr. Joel Ransom, North Dakota State University
In-Season Nitrogen Applications: Predicting Needs and Verifying Responses for Yield and Protein
~ Dr. Joel Ransom, North Dakota State University
Maximizing Canopy Conductance to Enhance Spring Wheat Yield Potential in the Upper Midwest
~ Dr. Walid Sodak, University of Minnesota
Exploiting Genetic Variation for Wheat Improvement in the Northern Great Plains
~ Dr. Brian Steffenson, University of Minnesota
Impact of Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Their Interaction on Grain Yield, Quality, and Net Farmer’s Return
~ Dr. Jasper Teboh, Carrington Research Extension Center
Southern Minnesota Small Grains Research & Outreach Project
~ Dr. Jochum Wiersma, University of Minnesota
Red River On-Farm Summer Plot Tours
~ Dr. Jochum Wiersma, University of Minnesota