Are you one of the many growers who use your own on-farm field research
to increase your yields and profits?

If you are, you should consider participating in the On-Farm Research Network. It can help you expand your interaction with other growers who are doing similar things in the region or just provide you an opportunity to share your ideas for additional research needs.

The NW MN On-Farm Research Network was formed by producers in Northwest Minnesota. It is funded by the MN Wheat Check-off and the MN Department of Agriculture AGRI – Crop Research Grants. Other partners are welcome. All producers are invited to participate in the Network. The research results from the Network will be available to all producers in Minnesota.

Participation in the NW MN On-Farm Research Network Gives You an Opportunity to:

  • Discuss research ideas with agronomists, university researchers and field specialists, to contribute to a local information database for growers in the Red River Valley
  • Learn more about the research process; get help with field design, data analysis, and results interpretation
  • Discuss in-field results with other growers to share thoughts, experiences, and ideas
  • Test a product or practice across multiple sites with multiple collaborators to find the best practices for your operation
  • Be reimbursed up to $1,500 for time and expenses

For more information and a how to participate, take a look at the links below:

2015 Northwest Minnesota On-Farm Research Network Backgrounder

2014 Comprehensive Northwest Minnesota On-Farm Research Network Project Reports

2014 Small Plot Research Reports (Funded by Minnesota Wheat Check-Off)