2018 SGU Meetings

If you missed the meetings, we have the presentations for you below.

2018 Spring Wheat Variety Selection for Yield & Quality

~Dr. Jim Anderson: Spring Wheat Breeder, University of Minnesota

Market Outlook for Eating Up Our Surplus Grain

~Mitch Coulter: Commodity Marketing & Biofuels Director, Minnesota Corn Growers

Protecting Your Pest Management Options for the Long Haul

~Dr. David Kee: Director of Research, Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council

2017 On-Farm Research Results

~Lauren Proulx & Melissa Geiszler: On-Farm Research Coordinator,

         Minnesota Wheat Research & Promotion Council

Strategies for Managing Nitrogen for Improved Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Spring Wheat

~Dr. Joel Ransom: Extension Agronomist, Small Grains & Corn, NDSU